Why I hate Trump?

Why I hate Trump?


What thoughts come to mind when we picture Trump? What kind of human being is he? Some critics say he is apotheosis of evil: a dictator, narcissist, misogynist, racist, xenophobe, anti-Semite and white supremacist.

Surely, a person with these traits does not belong in office. You’d be right to hate a person like that.

The question is, does that person really exist, or do you hate a media-made narrative? A caricature of the man?

Hate is something that eventually consumes the hater, so let’s make sure we’re right about where our hate is directed. Let’s begin to draw the distinction between the “man” we hate and the real Donald Trump.

Dennis Prager points out that Trump’s depiction in the media for 4 years has been one of a “a dictator, a fascist and a white supremacist”, and thus it would be anyone’s moral obligation to take any steps needed to oust him from power. This is what’s known as a straw man argument method: If Trump were those things, he must be stopped.

So, don’t feel you need to stop hating that man, or any men with these traits. What we must explore is whether these traits indeed belong to the real Donald Trump, or something else.

A careful look at the media coverage, both mainstream and social, demonstrates we all may have been entirely misled. Take a closer look at Trump in the media.


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