Who’s Behind the Chaos?

Who’s Behind the Chaos?

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Is the extreme divisiveness that has gripped the U.S. over the last few years the inevitable result of the bumpy, on-going struggle for a “more perfect union,” or is there something more deliberate at work? There is compelling evidence that it’s more the later, and the actors break down into three distinct categories:

  1. Marxist and socialist groups who are openly calling for tearing down the existing structures, and are mobilizing politically to acquire the government power to do so — and many have ties to or are even funded by Chinese Communist Party partners.
  2. Political, business and other leaders attracted to the increased federal power required to implement radical change. In other words, predatory leaders.
  3. What Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots”: regular citizens, often well-meaning, who are captivated by social justice ideas, and mobilized to achieve them.

For decades, the efforts of these groups have pushed the ideological debates to a fevered pitch, culminating in the normalization of far-left platforms, the encouragement of violence in the streets, and ideologically driven news and information outlets; media and big tech.


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