4: Toward a Better Future

4: Toward a Better Future


These are difficult times, no doubt. And honestly, things may get worse before they get better. But ultimately, this story will end well. Perhaps not for everyone, and perhaps not in all ways—that part is up to us.

How can we know the outcome? Because we believe no less than the universe is on our side. Call it history, the way of nature, the will of God, the laws of karma, the Tao… They all ultimately flow to a place of regeneration. 

Civilizations may rise and fall, corruption and moral decay may lead to chaos and destruction, and both natural and man-made calamities may abound. But in the end, kindness, justice, and truth prevail. Goodness prevails. These are connected to the ways of the universe and creation, and are deeply rooted in each of us.

If we step away, for a moment, from all the noise, from what’s latest and loudest, we can instantly reconnect with what’s really important and timeless. More specifically, if we are asked to identify the things in our lives that give us the most meaning and joy, we’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that most would say one or more of the following: (1) the people we love; (2) the values we share with those we love; (3) the faith in our hearts.

These are powerful things. The CCP and Marxism and critical theory and divide and conquer… these destructive forces are hollow because they are not rooted in universal truths. They don’t stand a chance; they can only cause damage, tremendous damage, along the way.

Embrace our traditions

While it’s more and more en vogue to trash American traditions and the ways of our forebears, if we disconnect from all the spin and examine our lives, the actual people and moments we cherish, we believe most Americans will find that what we truly value are, in fact, steeped in our traditions: The embrace of our grandparents or grandchildren, supporting a neighbor in need, really connecting with and teaching our children, experiencing quiet moments of faith—we are nurtured and enriched by our traditions.

There may be loud voices in our society trying distort the origins and meaning of these traditions, trying to convince us that we are all racists, oppressors, and anti-progress. But in our hearts, we know this is not true, nor is it borne out by objective study of our own history. These negative voices have a purpose, and it’s not to better our society, but to tear it down. 

Don’t let the manufactured hostilities pull us apart. Our traditions bring us together and give our communities meaning. Know and trust in your own lived experience more than the concocted narratives being thrown in your face.

We may endure difficulties, and experience loses, but throughout history, there has never been a man-made force, be it tyranny or social unrest, capable of taking away the wholesome traditions, love, and faith of a people unless they willingly relinquish them.

Now is a critical moment. If we want to reduce future suffering and cut our loses, we need to turn this thing around. We need to educate ourselves, steel our will, and encourage those around us to do the same.

Take action.