3: There’s A Way Out

3: There’s A Way Out


While the challenges we face abound, there are things we can do to overcome what lays before us.

(1) Think for ourselves

For many of us, it might mean we need to develop and/or strengthen some solid habits.

First, we need to realize that these developments are not accidental but part of a systematic plan, a playbook used over and over again these last hundred years. If we learn from history, we can see the telltale signs and can predict where this is heading. If we educate ourselves, we can connect the dots.

Second, we need to stop brainwashing ourselves. We need to take ownership of our own thoughts. The more we consume social media “news feeds” and mainstream media, including movies and TV series created by the big studios, the more we download the worldview they promote and the more we parrot what they say, thinking these are our own ideas.

If we disconnect from them and search for information on our own on alternative websites, podcasts, and plenty of books, we empower ourselves to think for ourselves and be truly in charge of our thoughts and opinions.

(2) Have a spine

We need to steel our will. We need to have a spine. We need to politely, and with kindness, speak up when we disagree. Don’t say things you don’t believe in. Don’t apologize if you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Have difficult conversations. Support others who choose courage.

Choose kindness and truth. Because kindness and truth are two things Marxist strategies cannot handle.

(3) Work together

As you will see from studying this website, the Chinese Communist Party is the most substantial threat to the U.S., far greater than any other foreign or domestic enemy. The good news is that most Americans already recognize this danger to some degree. The real hurdle we face, is the sheer magnitude of effort required to combat it.

The CCP has already infiltrated every sector of our society, and is even being aided by some American enablers. Resisting it won’t be easy. But together, we have all the civic and governmental power we need to push back and reclaim our country from its grasp.

Here is a list of concrete steps we can ALL take to do so.