Take Action

Take Action

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You’re just one person, so what could you possibly do to defend the United States against the onslaught of the Chinese Communist Party?

Actually, quite a lot.

Here’s a list of things that would make an impact right away…

Refer Family and Friends

Tell your family and friends about this website


Share Challenges Content

Share the Challenges We Face content you like the best with the people you care about:


Canvass Website Comments 

Most media websites provide a comments section for readers to make comments. Find relevant articles and refer people back to ChallengesWeFace.org content.


Sign the Petition!

Sign the End CCP petition.


Use Alternative Social Media

It's no secret that Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) are censoring valid news stories about certain topics.


Sign up for alternative social media platforms that protect free speech, and don't treat your personal data as their own property to sell, mine, and use to manipulate you further.


Some platforms you could try (not a complete list...things are changing faster than we can keep track of):

Don't Give Your Life Details to the CCP

Remove apps and services from your phone that are controlled or accessed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These include:

  • TikTok
  • WeChat
  • Tencent QQ
  • Apple's iCloud

The CCP has access to the data for all these apps and services, and will likely use them against us. Don't forget to tell your family and friends!

Post Yard Sign (Coming soon!)

Let everyone who passes by your home know how they, too, can learn more about the Challenges We Face. Post a yard sign! Get yours today. 


Bumper Sticker (Coming soon!)

Let all the drivers behind you know how they too can learn more about the Challenges We Face. Get a free bumper sticker. 

Host Movie Night (coming soon) Everyone loves movie night. Organize your family, friends or neighbors to enjoy any of the following video playlists. Each one can provide an engaging, educational, and sometimes even inspirational movie night for everyone, and best of all, motivate your community to take action.  

Canvass Your Neighborhood Big Tech may be able to censor us online, but in the real world, this is still a free country. Get your packet of flyers and start canvassing your neighborhood today! Go to our materials page to download flyers and instructions for printing.  

Have a local university? (coming soon) Advocate for the academic and financial integrity of your local university...

Call Your Representatives

Write to your representative and let them know your concerns. You can find your congress person here  and your senators here.


Contact the White House

You can call or email the White House here.

Are you a writer or editor? Good at research? Do you have graphic artist skills?

Apply your talents to a worthy cause. Volunteer!

We are setting up ways for others to volunteer, and will notify you when ready. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or comments for us, please send them here.


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Explore Other Sources

We are not alone. There are many great organizations and individuals to learn from. Check out these other references.

Share Your Activity, Stay Connected

Have you hosted  a movie night? Canvassed your neighborhood? Go here to update our community of Challengers so we can all share ideas, and  be connected! (coming soon)

Send in Your Ideas

We're all just  regular Americans trying to do our part to defend and protect our country. If you have good ideas, or suggestions for how we can do better, please send them to us. Contact us here.