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CENTRALIZED, MALEVOLENT CONTROL over the media, and by extension the people, is a problem we often associate with, and limit to, dictatorships. There is, however, mounting and compelling evidence that a concentrated center of power and influence has formed in the U.S., driving a politically-motivated narrative to dominate our headlines and discourse.

Our Oligarchic Media

Six giant corporations control 90% of U.S. media outlets in America (mostly cable and TV), and a collection of 15 billionaires control the pillars of our print media. Such concentration of ownership and power in the Fourth Estate may be devastating to the integrity of the industry.

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Big Tech, Big Brother

Former engineers and executives of Big Tech companies readily admit their products were built to manipulate and addict. And with our captivated attention, they are now imposing unprecedented levels of censorship and ‘fact checking’ on us.

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CCP Influence on Big Tech

From Google’s working with Chinese Military-linked research centers on AI technology, to Facebook’s fact checking infrastructure showing a pro-CCP bias, the allure of the Chinese market may be corrupting U.S. tech giants.

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How China Shapes Our Media

Over the last decade, the CCP has embarked on a global campaign to influence international media through censorship, propaganda, and discretely inserted paid content. The majority owners of many U.S. media outlets have significant business deals with the CCP. How might this effect what we hear, watch, and read?

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For years, movie scripts and themes were sculpted to please the CCP’s censors, in hopes of gaining access to the China market. Now with CCP entities owning large portions of Hollywood, the CCP is fully in the director’s chair.

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