Marxism in America. Really???

Marxism in America. Really???


The idea that communist or Marxist groups in America are prevalent, dangerous, or pose a real threat to our way of life is, for most people, met with much skepticism, and understandably so.

Most openly Marxist or communist groups have, historically, been relegated to the fringes of liberal arts college campuses. They organize a few protests and other events each year, but in terms of wider impact on our country, it’s much ado about nothing.

In recent years, however, core Marxist ideas that lead regimes like the USSR and communist China to totalitarian ends have come to the forefront, driving the narratives and actions of many across America. Today, these ideas are often disguised in modern or progressive words, but their nature and affects are undeniably Marxist.

Marxist Strategy USSR China USA How in USA?

Create groupthink. Only one particular viewpoint is acceptable and correct. Most people will hesitate to express their beliefs if they do not align with the group’s and will self-censor.

Progressive, woke.

Social censorship. Little to no tolerance of opposing views; will cancel or censor them.

Cancel culture, deplatforming, firings and forced apologies for perceived transgressions.

Criminalize language. Only some words are “correct.” The ultimate goal of changing language is to change the way people think.

Extreme political correctness, such as referring to an individual woman as plural “they.”

Control information. Restrict and reframe the news that the vast majority of citizens consume to a narrow spectrum of viewpoints and narratives that align with the ruling party.

With some notable exceptions, especially online. Still holds mostly true for: CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS; NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today; content promotion and censorship decisions of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Centralize power. Consolidate the power centers of government, media, and finance in the hands of a collaborating few. (predatory class vs. useful idiots).

Interest groups, lobbyists, and Big Tech working together to elect officials and change policy.

Take over education. Politics is downstream from culture; culture is downstream from education. Control education and you control the future. Use the schools as transmission belts for socialism.

University academic departments, especially the humanities and social sciences, are dominated by proponents of critical theory and Marxism. The impact on younger generations is clear: Among millennials, 70% want socialism, 30% want communism.

Divide and conquer. Create a tribalist mentality and pit one group against another. Be it based on class, race, or other identities.

Left vs. Right, Black vs. White, Woman vs. Man, Queer vs. Heteronormative, etc.

Weaken the nuclear family. The nuclear family is the fundamental purveyor of culture and values; it needs to be dismantled for a full societal buy-in. Pit family members against each other.

Less families have a present father figure. Family members are publicly denouncing and reporting on each other over political views.

Vanguard arm and political arm. Use an extremist vanguard front to continually push social agendas and expand the bounds of what is acceptable, often through violence. The ruling political party follows with policies a step or two behind.

The Antifa and BlackLivesMatter organizations, commonly supported by the progressive wing of the DNC. Biden-Harris policies now follow the progressive agenda.

Smash traditions. Deligitimize, denounce, and displace “old” values and symbols. Done through rewriting history and mob violence. 

Revisionist history, The 1619 Project, tearing down statues of founding figures, stigmatizing “traditional values.”


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