How CCP’s Money Buys Influence in U.S.

How CCP’s Money Buys Influence in U.S.

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The CCP’s influence over major U.S. industries is significant and widespread. This influence is used to coerce businesses to advance the CCP’s agenda, often in conflict with the interests of human rights and democratic principles.

From Wall Street brokerage houses to the biggest media outlets, from Hollywood to the NBA, and from pharmaceuticals to Big Tech, business interests in China dominate corporate boardrooms nationwide.

Compounding the problem is the common practice of American direct investment in China, which as of May 2020, totaled $381 billion. Much of that goes to industries in China that employ child and slave labor, and continues despite incarceration of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps and mass killings of prisoners of conscience for their organs.

More and more, the CCP utilizes financial leverage to coerce American industries to elevate its power in the world and hide its human rights abuses. Sadly, it seems a majority of corporate actors are willing to toe the Party line.


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