Domestic Turmoil​

Domestic Turmoil

THE FOUNDING OF THE UNITED STATES was unique in history as the first nation formed on an idea, as opposed to strictly regional, ethnic or religious boundaries. This idea, encoded in our Constitution, includes freedom of speech, freedom of belief, protection of private property, and right to due process (among many others). There is a growing set of groups within the U.S. mobilized to erode or abolish parts of our Constitution, and to remake the country in a very different image. 

Who’s Behind the Chaos?

There is compelling evidence that the extreme divisiveness that has gripped the U.S. over the last few years is not simply the inevitable result of the bumpy, on-going struggle for a “more perfect union.” Let’s take a closer look at something more deliberate at work.

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Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is one of the country’s most rapidly growing political movements, boasting over 70,000 members (up from 8,000 in 2017). Although it is often known for its support of social democrat Bernie Sanders, the group’s politics are far more radical.

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The Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) organization originated in the 1930s in Germany as a paramilitary arm of the German Communist Party that was used to fight and suppress other political parties. Let’s take a closer look at its American incarnation.

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Proud Boys

The Proud Boys are often considered the right-wing counterpart to Antifa and other violent left-wing groups. But are they similar as a security threat to the country?

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Black Lives Matter

All decent people agree with the sentiment that Black lives matter, and so it follows there’s no room in today’s society for police brutality, bigotry, or social injustice. Black Lives Matter, though, is a distinct political organization with a specific political agenda and a leadership with Marxist leanings.

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Rewriting History to Fuel Division

Ideas, particularly impassioned ones, fuel determined action. And so, a cornerstone of Marxist strategy to seize power has been to rewrite history, reframing it specifically to mobilize one group against another: man vs. woman, black vs. white, rich vs. poor. Then, once unrest destabilizes society, predatory leaders seize power from a scared populace to quell the unrest they themselves fermented. This revisionist tactic has been employed over the past few decades in the U.S. to inspire, and justify, social upheaval, following the Marxist playbook.

Rewriting History

There has been an effort to rewrite U.S. history, pulling important figures out of their historical context, and reframing conflicts, all with an apparent goal to highlight the sins of our forebears and our country. Are we uncovering facts to help us better understand history as it happened, or are we weaponizing our story for political purposes today?

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