Crazy Stuff on Campus

Crazy Stuff on Campus

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A weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation’s 4,000-plus institutions of higher education (compiled by The Washington Free Beacon)

Theology Prof: ‘Dear God, Please Help Me to Hate White People’

Mercer University seminary professor Chanequa Walker-Barnes opened a prayer by invoking God’s assistance in helping to "harden [her] heart" and "hate white people." Walker-Barnes asked God to spare her from white people’s "perennial gaslighting, whitemansplaining, and white woman tears." 

UPenn Student Leaders Ditch Resolution to Define Anti-Semitism

The University of Pennsylvania’s Undergraduate Assembly refused to take up a bill that would have created a definition of anti-Semitism after pro-Palestinian student groups claimed it would stifle their criticism of the "apartheid" state of Israel. 

UPenn Professor Condemns ‘White Evangelicals’ As a ‘Public Health Issue’

Anthea Butler, a professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, said that "white evangelical resistance" to getting the coronavirus vaccine is a "public health problem" on MSNBC’s The ReidOut with Joy Reid. Butler also served as a co-chair of Catholics for Biden.

Professor Investigated for Nine Months After Disagreeing with Anti-Racism Diversity Training

Lake Washington Institute of Technology spent nine months investigating English professor Elisa Parrett, who criticized the school’s mandatory and racially segregated diversity training. The community college placed Parrett on administrative leave after she criticized antiracism for sowing division. The investigation cost taxpayers more than $200,000. 

UVA: ‘Offensive Student Speech Does Not Enjoy First Amendment Protection'

The University of Virginia argued that a lawsuit filed against the school should be dismissed because the First Amendment does not protect speech considered "offensive." Kieran Bhattacharya, a former medical student, filed suit against the university after he was suspended and banned from campus in 2018 for questioning a panel on microaggressions.

A Harry Potter-Themed Stanford Dorm Panics Over "Transphobic, Anti-Semitic, and Racist" J.K. Rowling

Resident assistants in a Harry Potter-themed dorm at Stanford put forth a statement to "acknowledge" author J.K. Rowling’s "many transphobic, anti-Semitic, and racist statements." The renowned children’s author has not been known to make any anti-Semitic or racist remarks but caught flack from leftists last summer for tweeting that differences between the sexes exist.

Brown University Votes for Reparations to Atone for Abolitionist Founder

Brown University students voted to dole out reparations in the form of direct payments and priority admissions to the descendants of slaves affiliated with the schools' founders. The Ivy League school was named after anti-slavery merchant Nicholas Brown, Jr.

University of Nevada Says White Students Can't Live in Minority Dorm Communities for ‘Safety' of Residents

The University of Nevada, Reno, said white students are not allowed to fill empty dorm spots in the university's three minority "Living Learning Communities" for black, indigenous, and Latino students "for the safety of student participants."

Planned Parenthood Board Member to Lead University's New ‘Health Equity' Research Center

The University of Minnesota tapped public health professor Rachel Hardeman to lead its new "Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity." Hardeman is also a board member of Planned Parenthood's North Central States branch.

Florida State University Poster Uses KKK Photo to Promote Class on the ‘History of Karen' and ‘White Womanhood'

Florida State University will offer a summer class on "The History of Karen: Weaponizing White Womanhood." A poster advertising the class includes a photo of white women in KKK hoods, as well as a quote that reads, "The activation of white terror is a white woman's soft power."

Students at Loyola University Complain About Having to Read the Bible in Class

Honors students at Loyola University, a Jesuit Catholic school in Chicago, criticized the school's incorporation of Biblical texts in assigned readings. One student said Christians had an "unfair advantage" in class because they had "years of experience" studying the Bible.

Christian University Ditches Crusader Mascot

Evangel University in Missouri dropped its Crusader mascot due to the "negative connotation and violence" associated with the term. The decision was not made as "a cultural response to political correctness," according to the announcement, but rather because the mascot stains the school's "reflection of Jesus Christ."

Cornell University Can't Say Whether Beijing Is Guilty of Genocide

Cornell University officials declined to answer whether they believe the Chinese Communist Party is committing genocide against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China. The non-answer comes amid uproar over a proposed, Beijing-sponsored joint degree program between Cornell and China's Peking University. It also follows recent reports from inside the CCP's labor camps that detail systemic rapes of Uighur women and the slaughter of Uighur children. Chinese Communist Party leadership have made remarks likening the Uighurs to "malignant tumors" and "weeds."

Appalachian State Pairs ‘Black Male' Housing Initiative with ‘Black Panther' Class

North Carolina's Appalachian State University will launch its inaugural Black Male Excellence Initiative this fall, which will include unveiling a dorm for black male students and a "Wakanda Warriors: Black Male Excellence" class to analyze connections between the movie Black Panther and black men's experiences in higher education.

Conservatism May Be ‘Euphemism for White Supremacy,' Syracuse Prof States During ‘White Rage' Panel

Syracuse University religion professor Biko Gray said during a panel on the "Religion of White Rage" that conservatism may be "a euphemism for white supremacy and its affective variant, white rage." The panel was meant to "shed light" on white rage and "map out the uneasy relationship between white anxiety, religious fervor, American identity and perceived Black racial progress."

UCLA Student Government Creates Fund to Pay Illegal Immigrants Who Serve In Office

The Undergraduate Student Association Council at the University of California, Los Angeles, established a fund to pay undocumented students who are elected to student government, as the University of California system cannot hire students living in the country illegally. The unanimously backed "UndocuCouncil Member Stipends" bill allocated $23,000 to the fund.

Cincinnati Professor Who Called COVID-19 ‘the Chinese Virus' Loses Job

The University of Cincinnati will not renew adjunct engineering and science professor John Ucker's contract after he referred to the coronavirus as the "Chinese virus" in an email last fall. Dean John Weidner previously said that while Ucker's use of the term didn't "meet the threshold to be designated harassment," it "caused offense to members of our community."

University of Florida Suspends Three Conservative Student Groups for a Cookout

The University of Florida suspended its Turning Point USA, Network of Enlightened Women, and Young Americans for Freedom chapters after they hosted a joint outdoor cookout event, which the school said violated its established pandemic health guidelines. Students say they wore masks except while eating and drinking during the event, in compliance with school policies, even though Florida does not require residents to wear masks in public.

Princeton Theological Seminary Separates Students by Race to Create ‘Safety' in Mandatory Antiracism Training

A mandatory racial bias training for students and staff at Princeton Theological Seminary segregated groups based on race. White trainees were told to "grapple with their whiteness … in a way that does not harm our colleagues and co-students of color."

North Carolina State University Mandatory Diversity Training Includes ‘Whitesplaining,' ‘Toxic Masculinity,' and ‘Hate Speech' Lessons

Topics for North Carolina State University's mandatory diversity and inclusion training for students include "identity transitions," "oppression," and "privilege." The training defines "___splaining" as a privileged person's assuming expertise and explaining oppression to an oppressed person and notes that "whitesplaining" is a form of racism.

Skidmore College Refuses to Recognize Club Over ‘Troublesome' Pro-Israel Stance

Skidmore College's student government denied the pro-Israel Progressive Zionists for Peace's request for a club trial period because "a dialogue focused" group with "one perspective" would be "troublesome." The student government recently granted a trial period to Students for Justice in Palestine, a student group known to intimidate Jewish students on college campuses

Cornell University Women's Resource Center Offers More Classes for Specific Identities

In addition to Cornell's segregated rock climbing classes, the Ivy League school is now offering yoga courses for students who are "BIPOC"—black, indigenous, and people of color—and "QTPOC"—queer or transgender people of color. It will also have classes for "women + femme folx."

UNC Chapel Hill Spends $72,000 in COVID-19 Relief Funds on Snitching App

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spent $72,000 in state coronavirus relief aid to develop the SaferWays app, which students can use to snitch on other students who aren't socially distancing or wearing masks.

Profs Want to Scrap Term ‘Quantum Supremacy' Because It Sounds Too Much Like ‘White Supremacy'

The physics term "quantum supremacy" should be renamed because the word supremacy is too closely linked to white supremacy and "risks sustaining divisions in race, gender, and class," according to St. Anselm College physics professor Ian Durham and University of Bristol math professor Karoline Wiesner. The professors published an article in Scientific American explaining why physicists should be more racially sensitive.

Columbia to Host Six Graduation Ceremonies Segregated by Race, Sex, and Income Level

Columbia University will offer a series of racially segregated "Multiracial Graduation Ceremonies" during the last week of April for black, Latino, Native American, and Asian students. LGBTQ students and low-income or first-generation students will also have their own separate ceremonies.

Law School Deans Chastise Student Body as Too White

Case Western Reserve University law school deans Jessica Berg and Michael Scharf told students that they should "not be satisfied" with the diversity of the student body, despite the school's low ranking on a list of  "Whitest Law Schools in America" released this week.

UPenn Nursing Final Exam Mandates That Students Ask Imaginary Patients for ‘Preferred Pronouns'—or Be Docked Points

Nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania will be docked a letter grade on their final exam if they fail to ask imaginary patients for their preferred pronouns.

Ivy League Colleges Partner with Chinese Health Institutions Tied to Military

Harvard University, Yale School of Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania are partnering with groups backed by the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party for collaborative research efforts and educational programming.

Student Government Senator Impeached for Defending Thin Blue Line Masks

Rochester Institute of Technology student senator Jacob Custer was impeached for defending students and others who wear "thin blue line" masks in support of police officers.

UC Berkeley Unveils Plan for Racial Quotas

The University of California, Berkeley, created a racial quota in order to achieve a 25 percent "Latinx" student body by 2027. School officials said they would consider targeting other minority groups with specified quotas as well.

Tulane’s Sex Week Features Racially Segregated ‘Black Sex’ Event

Tulane University’s sex week featured an event designated only for black students to discuss "femme-identifying" and nonbinary students’ sex experiences on campus. The event also featured a free sex toy giveaway. 

Virginia Tech Student Docked Points For Saying Black Panthers Discriminates Against Whites, Jews

A Virginia Tech teaching assistant docked points from a conservative student’s essay because she pointed out that the New Black Panther Party "encouraged violence" toward white and Jewish people. While the Southern Poverty Law Center designates the Black Panther Party as a hate group because it is "virulently racist and antisemitic," the teaching assistant grading the essay said that "white people cannot experience racism."

New York University Professor Says Black Students Aren’t Safe in U.S. Schools

David Kirkland, a professor of English and the Vice Dean of Equity at New York University, tweeted that he was fearful of reopening schools and said that black students are unsafe regardless of the coronavirus and efforts to vaccinate teachers.

University of Minnesota to Require Course on Racial, Social Justice for Incoming Undergrads

The University of Minnesota’s student senate voted to add a course requirement on "Race, Power, and Justice in the United States." Incoming freshman this fall will be required to take the course to graduate. 

University of Michigan ‘Liberation Front' Demands Removal of Sabra Hummus and End to Israel Trips

The Students of Color Liberation front at the University of Michigan issued a 15-page list of demands, which include pro-Palestinian causes like replacing Sabra hummus sold in the cafeteria with a "locally-sourced, Arab-owned" brand and ending university-sponsored trips to Israel.

Georgetown Student Bar Association Asks Students to List Pronouns ‘In Solidarity’ with Transgender Peers

Georgetown Law School’s Student Bar Association asked law students to stand "in solidarity and support" of their transgender and "nonbinary" peers by listing their preferred pronouns on social media and online meeting platforms.

Tufts Student Government Attacks Jewish Member for Defending Israel

Max Price, a Jewish member of Tufts University's student government, will face impeachment for opposing a bill that blamed Israel for militarizing police in the United States. Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine introduced the anti-Israel legislation Price opposed and later filed the petition to have the student removed from his leadership position.

La Salle University Fights Racism by Canceling Class and Letting Students Take Naps

La Salle University's "Rest as Resistance" day gave students the opportunity to fight racism by taking naps, which act as "inoculation against the virus of racism." Racism inflicts "trauma" on the human body, a website announcing the non-event said; therefore, "any effort to heal racism begins with healing" the body.

Pulitzer-Winning Journalist and College Lecturer Calls America a ‘Criminal Enterprise'

Karen Hunter, a former MSNBC contributor and distinguished lecturer at Hunter College, called America a "400-year criminal enterprise" in a YouTube livestream with Howard University professor Greg Carr.

Syracuse Students Want Major in ‘LGBTQ Studies' Despite Minimal Interest in the Minor

Students in Syracuse University's LGBTQ Studies program want to expand the department into a major course of study. But with only 14 students enrolled in the minor, LGBTQ Studies department director William Robert said it's "understandable" that the school doesn't want to spend money to develop a major for the program.

Cornell Charges Students $1,800 for Racially Segregated Rock-Climbing Class

Cornell University offered a segregated rock-climbing class only for minority students. After Campus Reform requested comment, Cornell edited the original course description to say the class is "designed" so that black, indigenous, and other minority students who are "underrepresented in the sport" could "feel included and supported."

Boston University Law School Creates First Critical Race Theory Professorship in the Country

Boston University appointed Angela Onwuachi-Willig as the school's—and country's—first critical race theory professor. The antiracist scholar formerly served as dean of the university's law school.

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