Compelling Videos


Narrated by Martin Sheen, this is a comprehensive, heart-wrenching look at our “engagement” with communist China, and the devastating effect on American life.

First Hong Kong, then the world. A closer look at how the CCP systematically dismantles democracy from within.

A powerful expose on the communist, socialist attempt to take over America.

How the left is exploiting the issues of our time to seize power.


Five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist explores the question: how real is Fake News?

A closer look at how social media is engineered to manipulate and control, and who is pulling the strings.

An investigation into the threatening rise of China, and how the Biden family may be compromised by the CCP

How China gutted the U.S. of manufacturing, technology, and influenced culture.

Chinese professor elaborates on Beijing’s influence over Wall Street and Washington DC

How China controls Wall Street and Washington DC, and implications for Biden administration

A close examination of democratic socialism, in the American context.

Despite the emphasis on environmental protection and social justice, the CCP is given free reign to trample on both.