The CCP has financial influence over film studios and entertainment companies in Hollywood and is now using that influence to align our movies with CCP messaging. China is the number two market for Hollywood films ($8.6 billion), and this results in Hollywood producers self-censoring in order to not be blocked from Chinese moviegoers. 

Any American movie or show that mentions Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square, or a host of other sensitive issues is blocked from airing in China. If actors, even Academy Award-winners, speak out about sensitive topics, their filmed are blocked as well—again at tremendous cost to studios.

To avoid these problems, producers go so far as to invite consultants from the CCP onto their sets to advise them on how not to break the rules in portraying China or upset Party censors.

Moreover, in 2016, a Chinese conglomerate purchased Carmike Cinemas. Combined with a previous purchase of AMC Entertainment, Beijing now controls 8,380 screens in over 600 theaters across the U.S., dominating decision-making over which films and content we can and cannot see.


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