CCP ‘Cells’ On Campus

CCP ‘Cells’ On Campus


Chinese diplomats organize and manage students groups on university campuses across the United States, most of which are part of the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSA). In some cases, the region’s Chinese diplomats are even featured as board members on CSSA web pages (although, after drawing too much attention in recent years, some of these explicit postings have been removed).

According to a 2018 report by Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, by controlling Chinese student groups on campus, Chinese diplomats are able to gather information and coordinate the actions, which includes “pressuring the behavior of Chinese students… sometimes pressure is even applied by China’s security services on the family members, back in China, of those students it finds speaking out in unacceptable ways. What is more, Chinese scholars and diplomats have sought to influence on-campus debates in China’s favor and have even protested when American universities have exercised their right to invite speakers whom China identifies as unfriendly. Finally, some Chinese students and scholars have exploited the collaborative research environment on US campuses to obtain sensitive American technologies.”

In parallel, Chinese students have formed communist party “cells” on many university campuses. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the cells are meant for “ideological monitoring and control,” which includes reinforcing communist party ideology, and to report on other students who may have expressed “subversive” ideas on campus.

The establishment of communist party cells on campus is part of a large political campaign of the CCP to extend direct party control globally.

CCP ‘Cells’ On Campus (Continued)


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