Academic Groupthink

Academic Groupthink


For decades, American college campuses valued free speech above virtually everything else. Often leading the way were liberals who prided themselves on their dedication to the First Amendment. Unpopular speech, even the vile or intentionally provocative sort, found a safe haven among campus intellectuals.

The wide-open intellectual space gave rise to the free exchange of ideas. It also opened the door for professors who were openly Marxist or communist—ironically, ideologies most inclined to silence and punish opposing viewpoints—to develop curriculum and teach, often under tenure and usually within the humanities.

In the last 5-10 years, far-left ideology and Marxist methods to incite and divide students into adversarial groups have come to dominate college campuses. The result? A wave of cancel culture demanding intellectual, ideological, and political conformity.

Students with ideas and beliefs that don’t conform to progressive orthodoxy are belittled, or left in the shadows, afraid to speak their minds. Meanwhile, college administrations are filled with ever-more diversity and inclusion officers ready to institute new “training” programs or dole out punishment to nonconformists.


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