A PERFECT STORM of groupthink, political correctness, and an inability to tolerate different opinions is resulting in “cancel culture” dominating college life. As we lose the free exchange of ideas, graduates enter the workforce more agitated, less educated, and with a proclivity to choose silence rather than engage or debate. This doesn’t make us stronger.

Academic Groupthink

For decades, far left ideology, including professors that are openly communist and marxist, have dominated university campuses, especially in the humanities.

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Coddling of American Youth

According to a ground-breaking new book by NYU professor, Jonathan Haidt, a coddling approach to child-rearing and education is setting up an entire generation to fail, and to resent the world around them for it.

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Rewriting History to Fuel Division

IDEAS, PARTICULARLY IMPASSIONED ONES, fuel action. And so, a cornerstone of Marxist strategy is to reframe history in order to mobilize one group against another: rich vs. poor, man vs. woman, Black vs. White, Left vs. Right. Then, once a country is sufficiently destabilized, predatory leaders move in to seize power, quelling the unrest they themselves fomented. Over the past decades this tactic has been employed in the U.S. to inspire social upheaval, perfectly following the Marxist playbook. The first step is revising history.

Rewriting History

There has been an effort to rewrite U.S. history, pulling important figures out of their historical context, and reframing conflicts, all with an apparent goal to highlight the sins of our forebears and our country. Are we uncovering facts to help us better understand history as it happened, or are we weaponizing our story for political purposes today?

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