2020 Election Statistical Anomalies

2020 Election Statistical Anomalies


Joe Biden’s lead in the 2020 presidential election tally has come as a result of highly improbable voting patterns. Biden lost over 80 percent of 17 bellwether counties, which have predicted the winner of the presidential race correctly every single time the last 50 years. Republican house candidates won 27 out of the 27 races that were considered “toss-ups” by the New York Times, and it’s extremely rare for an incumbent president to win seats in the house and lose re-election. Some may argue this is due to Trump’s polarizing personality, and that some people may vote Republican and yet not vote for Trump. Still, no presidential incumbent in the past 100 years has increased his vote and lost re-election. No incumbent that has won over 75 percent of the primary vote (Trump received 94 percent) has ever lost re-election. Also, sudden increases in votes in the middle of the night in key swing states were found to favor Biden at nearly statistically impossible rates. Is all this a coincidence or man-made anomaly?

2020 Election Statistical Anomalies (Continued)

Further Analysis


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